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Usenet SSL encryption

Secure and encrypted Newsgroup access with extra anonymity

SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) is a way of securing your transactions and reinforcing your anonymity within Usenet. In regards to a usenet service, is encryption between two points, you and the usenet provider. Its uses are primarily to avoid throttling, and traffic shaping however it is heavily marketed as a means to "protect your activities from prying eyes". Avoid any filtering from Usenet access protocols. SSL is like a tunnel, a channel for secure communication (encrypted by a 256 bit key) between two  machines (client and server). SSL guarantees secure and anonymous downloads from Newsgroups. Usenet providers use the same security protocols as online banks (the same padlock icons!).

Which newsgroup providers also offer SSL ?
In fact all newsgroup providers have SSL. Some charge extra, others offer it as part of the package.
We would recommend UsenetServer. For $10 (with 20 connections and …. days binary retention), you get secure and encrypted newsgroup access.

How do you connect with SSL ?
In three easy steps:

- Tick the SSL box in your Newsreader.If you use Grabit or SabNzbd, read our tutorials on Grabit or SabNzbd

- Use your Usenet provider’s address
=> For UsenetServer :

- Choose port 563 to connect with SSL

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