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NZB Files - Usenet Search Engine

NZB is an XML-based file format for retrieving posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers

NZB files are .xml files that group together all the necessary information of the programme or file available to download with newsgroups. Load an NZB with your newsreader and at the end of the download you get your file.

NZB files have three advantages:
1. Continual updates of newsgroups are not necessary - while downloading is easier.
2. No need to search within a group - referencing is simpler.
3.Make the most of the maximum retention offered by the server
(See our Usenet Newsgroup FAQ for more detail about retention)

Two points to note:

You can avoid using an external NZB search engine and a newsreader by simply using EasyNews. Thanks to its webinterface you can search, download, repair (auto-par), reconstitute (auto-unrar) efficiently and easily from your web browser. No external tools. With just the name of the reference file Easynews can do everything through its WebNewsgroup

How do you find an NZB?

1- From Usenet Search Engine Sites: Usenet search engine index Usenet automatically almost real-time

Best usenet search engines:

How to use Binsearch?

In Binsearch enter the name of the file in the Search bar. A list will appear.
When you click on the NZB file, your newsreader - Grabit , SabNzbd or MIMO - should launch automatically and start downloading.

2- NZB Site List: Nzb Site help you find what your looking for across millions of newsgroup posts without the need for downloading headers.

Newgroups are vast organisms, both in the number of posts and the groups themselves, so it is much more convenient to use a newsgroup reference site that classifies and indexes everything on Usenet servers.

3- Newsreader with integrated search engine: Mimo

MIMO is the newsreader offered free to all users of the Diamond package from Giganews. Developed by Golden Frog, it was specially created for the Usenet service as provided by Giganews. Pre-configured with connection information from Giganews it lets you make the most of the Usenet servers from Giganews
The main function of all Newreaders is to download. But unlike the others (Grabit - MIMO - SabNzbd) MIMO has a free and unlimited search function within groups hosted by Giganews.
MIMO uses two search engines to index Newsgroups: NzbIndex.NL and Golden Frog Usenet Search. MIMO means you can avoid using an external search engine: Just copy the file name an click Search.

The title of the post is ubuntu 9.10-desktop-i386 which is entered into the search bar in MIMO using NZBIndex.Nl as an indexing engine.

You can even create a NZB using the function: Copy NZB to clipboard, richt-clicking on the file name.


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