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For Premium Usenet access Two TOP newsgroup providers distinguish themselves : Giganews and UsenetServer

=> U.A.P (Usenet Access Provider) Giganews Summer Special at $17.49 (for your first 3 months) . Giganews offers days retention, 50 connections, VyprVPN with access to VPN and Mimo, and a Newsgroup browser. The best newsgroup provider for extra options (VPN + Newsredaer) and professional quality. Multiplay Usenet Access - Best Overall


=> U.A.P (Usenet Access Provider) UsenetServer offers the best deal on Unlimited access at $10 monthly or $95.40 for a year.This includes unlimited downloads, uncapped speed, Free SSL, offers days retention, 20 connections and a Global Search tool (allows you to search for files and create your own NZBs). Low Cost Usenet access from $7.95 a month


=> GIGANEWS: Multiplay Usenet access - Best Overall - Giganews Summer Special at $17.49 (for your first 3 months)

Giganews is the premium Usenet Provider for the quality of its service and for its Diamond package:

  • Technical quality: Giganews is offering the highest binary retention in today’s Usenet market. This includes all binary groups and guarantees a completion rate of over 99%. Giganews can also offer the choice of two connection addresses: one in the United States (, one in Europe ( as well as 50 SSL connections.
  • Commercial quality: Technical support via email is guaranteed within 15 minutes !!!
  • Diamond subscription: A complete Usenet package (Newsgroup + Newsreader + VPN) at the all-inclusive price of $34.99 per month. Giganews is the only Usenet server which deserves the term Multiplay Usenet, since Giganews is constantly innovating and updating its technical assistance, continually integrating new options into the Diamond subscription. Having normalized SSL, Giganews is now offering a VPN server in association with Goldenfrog. The latest technological innovation from Giganews is Mimo, a new Usenet browser. Though still at the beta stage, it is clear that Mimo will become indispensable for discussion and downloads within newsgroups.

So for a subscription of $17.49 (for your first 3 months), Giganews is offering: SSL, 50 connections and VyprVPN. With Diamond, Giganews is the original Multiplay Usenet server, the premium Usenet Provider, that provides security for downloads (thanks to VyprVPN) as well as for your newsgroup network and all other internet activities.

If you are looking for Usenet access that is less expensive than Giganews, but with the same technical quality, Supernews is absolutely the best option. You get all the redundency and support levels of Giganews, but retention is cut back to days at only $11.99 !!!


=> USENETSERVER: High quality Usenet access at a low cost

The great advantage of UsenetServer is its monthly newsgroup service at $10 or yearly price of only $95.40. The yearly subscription is very rare among Usenet providers. In fact by signing up for a year you can save 20% compared to a month by month fee. UseNetServer is one of the few premium providers to offer a low cost plan for a term of less than 1 month. UsenetServer manages to offer cut-price Usenet access without harming the quality of service (Global Search tool: allows you to search for files and create your own NZBs), which is exceptional. days retention, 20 secure connections (to maximise your bandwidth when downloading from newsgroups) and Paypal as a payment method.

  • The cheapest deal for newsgroup access: low cost Usenet at $10 per month or $95.40 per year


=> Other current Usenet providers

=> Ngroups.Net, in association with, is generously offering secure Unlimited newsgroup access plus Unlimited Storage online backup at $9.99

=> Newsdemon, in association, is generously offering secure Unlimited newsgroup access plus 30 GB of secure storage at $10 instead of $19.95 !!!


=> Secure transfers with newsgroups - A secure Usenet network - Protect your privacy and security

Download security within Newsgroups is obviously a top priority. Usenet is a network of exchanges (textual and binary) which is already very secure thanks to its setup and to SSL.


=> Extra options offered by Usenet providers: Usenet-Multiplay vs Usenet-Only

Different servers have different strategies when it comes to the commercialization of Usenet: some have diversified and become MultiPlay providers while others continue to develop their newsgroup service exclusively, Usenet-Only access.

Usenet-MultiPlay: Giganews was the first to supplement their newsgroup subscription with extra add-ons and services. Thanks to their technological innovations like SSL and Mimo and their diversification into VPN with VyprVPN, Giganews stands out from the competition. Equally, their continual upgrades and improvements mean that the other providers are forced to match the quality of Giganews Usenet service: high retention // 50 connections // SSL. These extra functions combined with a quality newsgroup service easily justify the higher price of $34.99 per month

Versus Newsgroup

Usenet-Only: Astraweb and SuperNews have developed a different policy. They work on improving their services specific to newsgroups: retention, connection and security. For example, Astraweb is the only provider that possesses and runs its own servers (Usenet-reseller) which also continues to increase its retention, almost matching Giganews. Not for nothing is their slogan: Usenet made for you !!! And they offer the unbeatable monthly rate of $ 11 !!

Read more: Find a complete list and more detailed comparisons of Usenet MultiPlay servers (exclusively tested by UsenetforYou and only available on this site) on the page Usenet Multiplay

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